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The Benefits of 3D Body Scanning in Fitness

Seeing actual differences in your body can help motivate you to continue your journey towards a healthier body

Estimating the rate of change in our bodies over time can be challenging. Changes in muscle size, weight, and posture tend to occur gradually. You may become aware of changes in your body composition when your clothes no longer fit properly or when you notice a difference in your strength and energy levels. However, there are times when these signs may not be apparent. If you are working hard to improve your body or lose weight, it can be frustrating not to see immediate changes. Seeing actual differences in your body can help motivate you to continue your journey towards a healthier body. Wouldn’t it be great to have an accurate measure of how your body changes each week?

Experts in health and fitness say that weight alone is not a good way to measure overall health. It can be misleading and demotivating, particularly due to the “plateau effect.” Making progress with your exercise plan means you may be losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously. However, muscle weighs more than fat, so you may not notice a difference in weight. Conversely, fat takes up 22% more space than muscle, so when you lose fat, the change in volume is noticeable. If we had another objective measure that could calculate and present the volume change, we would have a better solution to this problem.

When it comes to fitness and wellness, tracking your progress can be a challenging task. You may not always notice the changes happening in your body, and it can be demotivating to not see the results of your hard work. But the arrival of 3D body scanners has changed the way we track and keep track of our fitness journeys. In this article, we explore the benefits of 3D body scanning in fitness.

How 3D Body Scanners Work

With the help of millions of data points from a digital camera, a 3D body scanner can figure out the shape of a person’s body. These data points are then used to create a three-dimensional avatar, whose measurements are used for a variety of analyses.

Different Forms of Body Scanners

There are several different types of 3D body scanners available, including full-body scanners with rotating platforms, smart mirrors, desktop scanners, handheld scanners, portable scanners, and wireless scanners. Each type of scanner uses different technologies, such as structured light technology, laser line triangulation, and photogrammetry.

Benefits of 3D Body Scanning

The pear shapes have bigger lower bodies compared to their upper bodies. Strength training routines that focus on the upper body, such as triceps push-ups or biceps curls, are the best workouts for a pear-shaped body. These workouts will help them achieve a balanced body over time. To burn extra fat, they need to exercise at least three times a week. They should not neglect working on their lower body because it is equally important.

Objective Data:

A 3D body scan gives you objective information about your body composition, such as your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and overall body shape. This data can help you track your progress more accurately and adjust your fitness and nutrition plans as needed.


Seeing the slightest differences in your body from previous scans can provide a huge dose of motivation to keep going. 3D body scanning offers a tangible way to track your progress, which can be very rewarding.

Precise Fat Measurement:

3D body scanning provides precise measurements of body fat levels, which are essential for tracking progress towards weight loss and fitness goals. Unlike traditional methods like BMI and weight measurements, which can be misleading, 3D body scanning offers a more accurate assessment of your body composition.

Real-Life 3D View:

3D body scanning offers a real-life 3D view of your body, which can help you see your progress more clearly. This technology offers a more detailed picture of your body than traditional 2D imaging.

Specificity of Regions:

3D body scanning can provide specificity about regions that need more attention and track progress towards goals. This can help you target specific areas of your body more effectively and adjust your training and nutrition plans accordingly.

Diagnosis of Certain Diseases:

In some cases, 3D body scanning can also be used to diagnose certain diseases, such as scoliosis, by providing a detailed picture of the spine.

Studies on the Effectiveness of 3D Body Scanning

Several studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of 3D body scanning. A 2016 study found that 3D scanners provide accurate readings on body shape and composition. Another study found that the scanner measures length, girth, and body volume and concluded that subjects must wear tight-fitting clothing and be able to stand for 10 seconds without moving while holding their breath to get an accurate total body volume that measures the percentage of fat present. A 2017 study concluded that body scans show good feasibility, reliability, and validity when compared to manual measurements.


A 3D body scanner like the FuturU Enterprise version offers many benefits when it comes to tracking and monitoring your fitness journey. Using time of flight analysis and a new movement mechanism guarantees exactitude and accuracy, providing objective data, precise measurements of body fat levels, and a real-life 3D view of your body. It can also help you target specific areas of your body more effectively and adjust your training and nutrition plans as needed. With the right scanner, you have the proper asset to continue your fitness journey with accuracy and precision.

Futuru Team

Futuru Team