A scanner that motivates members

Did your clients lose motivation after months of following their workout or diet plans?

Our 3D body scanner increases gym-goers’ stickiness and decreases your gym’s marketing costs by solving the churn rate problem.

Enterprise Model

An AI-based solution for 3D body scanning

FuturU is a top-of-the-line body scanner that provides unmatched accuracy, resolution, and speed. The user-friendly software provides comprehensive and easy-to-access reports. FuturU creates a pleasing and joyful experience for your clients.

Why FuturU?

  • High resolution and fast scans
  • User-friendly software with comprehensive and easy-to-read reports
  • Creating a pleasing and joyful experience for your clients
  • Provided at a competitive price
  • Warranty and technical support

Coordinated design

Harmonious design, precise product

Enterprise 3D body scanner

The juxtaposition of innovation and practicality on the edge of technology.

Turning Platform

With very high stability and 360 degree span, it creates the best view for image data collection

Scan Tower

It records the shape of the body using millions of data points generated by a digital camera.

Analytical software

The scan results are displayed as a 3D avatar and quantitative parameters and are used for various analyses.

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