3D Body Scanner and Fitness

3D Body Scanner & Fitness

It’s hard to tell how much our bodies change over time. Changes in muscle size, weight, and posture happen slowly. You may notice your body composition changing because your clothes fit differently or your strength and energy are changing. However, sometimes you do not notice these signs. If you are working hard to lose weight or improve other parts of your body, it can be frustrating when these changes are not so apparent. It is appealing to know exactly what changes are taking place, is it not?

     Fitness is an issue for most of us, especially athletes. They have to stay at the top of their game. In competitive sports, continuous improvement is essential. Athletes optimize their training programs to achieve maximum benefits. They are always focused on their high goal and need constant, objective data delivery to support and monitor their training programs.

Health and fitness experts tell us that focusing solely on weight sets us up for failure and is, at best, a misguided and demoralising way to assess our overall health. Muscle weighs more than fat. A common disappointment in fitness is when a person works out in earnest, hoping to lose weight, and instead gains weight. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean failure. Fat takes up 22% more space than muscle according to Bloomberg. When fat is lost, the effect is noticeable. However, when we replace the fat with muscle, this effect isn’t quite as obvious. This leads to disappointment, and we all know how important motivation and disappointment are for achieving ANY goals, including fitness goals.

 Body measurement provides a very precise, objective basis for greater success. It enables us to get the important hundredth of a second or the one centimeter out of ourselves. ‌

What is 3D Body scanner

     Several studies suggest that 3D optical scanning offers exceptional accuracy, and this technology has been around for over two decades. The first scanners were made using laser scanning technology, which is used to scan barcodes in supermarkets, stores, etc. 3D body scanners are the latest technology whose core function is to capture the shape of a person’s body using millions of data points generated by a digital camera. The scan is displayed as a three-dimensional avatar whose measurements are used for a variety of analyses.

  3D body scanning defined by some scholars defines 3D body scanning as an application of various technologies such as Structured-light 3D scanner, 3D depth sensing, stereoscopic vision and others for ergonomic and anthropometric investigation of the human form as a point-cloud. The technology and practice within research have found 3D body scanning measurement extraction methodologies to be comparable to traditional anthropometric measurement techniques.

What are 3D scanners used for?

3D scanning is now more popular than ever, and businesses all over the world are embracing this versatile technology to boost productivity, eliminate unnecessary costs, and create new and exciting products and services.

How 3D body scanners work

All 3D scanning technologies are based on the concept of collecting data from real-world objects and converting them into data points. Each point in the object is associated with a location in 3D space, and all the points are connected to create a coherent surface. These are common goals for 3D body scanners, but different technologies may take different approaches.

 There are 3D body scanners based on structured light technology, laser line triangulation, photogrammetry, and other techniques.

Some benefits of 3D body scanners

3D body scanning is the perfect technology to capture the entire human body or specific body parts in 3D. Compared to conventional body imaging and measuring technologies, 3D body scanning offers many advantages, some of which we have mentioned:

1-It is a completely non-invasive procedure. The 3D scanner never comes into direct contact with the person.

2- You achieve a HUGE dose of motivation by knowing “exactly” where you are now

3- You can be sure that the weight you lose is fat, not hard-earned muscle

 4- You can see the progress you are making in 3D with detailed before and after comparisons.

5-You can recognize what you need to work on to improve your health and track your progress toward your goals.

6-This scanner lets you know if you are at risk for certain diseases. ‌

Studies conducted in 3D Body Scanners

A study conducted in 2016 supports the effectiveness of these body scanners, stating that the 3D scanners provide accurate readings on body shape and composition. In another research finding supporting the accuracy of 3D scanning, researchers concluded that the scanner measures length, girth, and body volume. The study also concluded that subjects must wear tight-fitting clothing and be able to stand for 10 seconds without moving while holding their breath to get an accurate total body volume that measures the percentage of fat present. In a 2017 research study, researchers concluded that body scans show good feasibility, reliability and validity when compared to manual measurements.

3d body scanner

What have we achieved?

The FBS200 Body Scanner is one of the best, built with today’s most advanced technology, providing an ultraprecise body scan at no risk. Utilizing time of flight analysis and new movement mechanism guarantees exactitude and accuracy.

A complete analysis is performed rapidly and easily, and offers details on body fat and water content. An accurate report provides the data needed to optimize and refine diet and exercise choices. With this device, you can finally get the data and information you need.

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